Long time to testflight version delivery

Hi All, Is there more of you experiencing a long deliverey time frpom adding the email for a tester - untill the invitation from Testflight to test is received…?
Some times it takes up to 24 hours and is really frustrating

No, it never happened to me
Is this happening when you add someone for the first time?

No the scenario is:
Thunkable delivered the app to apple and i can see it is processing. After a while, max 10 minutes the processing is done and i can add testers. I add the my email (and others) that i want to test.
Most cases i start with my own email to make sure all ok before inviting new and old testers to this ”build”.
I press submit and get meesage that invites are sent. Now i have to wait mostly between 24 -36 hours before the invite come to my mailbox.
It happens, but seldom that the mail come quicker…. Any ideas @Thunkable_Staff

I suspect this has nothing to do with Thunkable and that you’ll need to contact Apple. I don’t think TestFlight cares where the app came from and since this isn’t during the publishing process in Thunkable, it’s probably some sort of email issue. What email provider do you use (@gmail.com, etc.)?

I just invited myself and another email address to an app I have in TestFlight to see how long it takes and I’ll let you know.

Of course it has nothiing to do with thunkable. I was more looking for similar experiences….
Pls let me know…

Three hours later, neither email has been received.

Twelve hours later, still no emails from Apple. It’s not just you…

Okay, finally got both invites. It took over 24 hours.

Same here
I think it is unacceptable
How do @thunkable_staff take this with apple ( still understand its not only us…)

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