Login with Google V2

Hi there :wave:
Here is the new version of my Login with Google method

The other one is not working as Google blocks WebViewer since months ago


Setup instructions can be found in original topic

#How to manage data

Probably the most wanted and difficult feature

To get user’s data, first you need to authenticate them

  1. For that, use a WebViewer that uses EWV extension to enale OAuth or a WVD extension
  2. After enabling it, make the WebView to go to this URL: https://scripts.thunkable.ga/google/oauth/
    It will create a Google OAuth page
  3. Use a Clock to detect when the CurrentPageTitle goes to Logged in; because when you get that it’s because you have full access to user’s data
  4. Now, to get user’s data, just make a WebView to go to this URL: https://scripts.thunkable.ga/google/oauth/?data=sth
    Change the sth to what you want. The avaliable params can be found in the list of the app
  5. And get the CurrentPageTitle to get that info

To logout users, just go to https://scripts.thunkable.ga/google/oauth/?logout

Of course, if you are using your own web server, use your URL instead of mine

You can also take a look to the app code to see how I’m managing data

If you are planning to use this for loging or signing users you will probably need the email



If you have any question or doubt, just ask :wink:


Unable download or test it because your website suspended.

Can you upload them to other location like google drive or dropbox

The website will be online again in 15 hours

I can’t download it too, but when it becames online again I will re-upload the files to GoogleDrive

Unable download file


Error 404

I found one.Is it true file?


Nope, that’s the old one

Now I’m on a trip
When I get home I will upload the correct one to GDrive

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Here it is:

I will update the link on the first post too


Thanks succesfuly work

Can i get mutliple information about user with one request
I try name&email but its not work

Use two WebComponents, save the first output in a variable and then join it with the second response

I found easy way to get all data

Just used userinfo.profile scope

Ehem… :sweat_smile:

It’s because you are setting a parameter that it’s not defined
If you set an unknow param it returns all information

Try these examples to test it:

Hahaha :slight_smile:

Do you know how can i copy informations to variable.I m unable find it

What do you mean?

I want store users informations on list.And store list using tinydb or other storage companents

Webview show user informations but i cant find way copy it to variable or list

The WebView.Title block gives you the output
Just join it with a variable or whatever

Did you test it with no parameter(userinfo.profile),Its work for id,email or other parameters but not work for my method

I hadn’t thought about how to handle it…
I just added that function thinking about using it visually :sweat_smile:

I will add it to the WebView.Title tomorrow too so

Okey waiting for it.If you can send changed file its better for me because already uploaded files and ı dont want reupload same files (its takes more time)

I can’t do it now, I’m a bit busy

I will do it in 16 hours more or less

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Any news?