Minor success! (A Webviewer and Web API and OAuth2 story)

I did it. It took too many hours of fighting, thanks to bad and conflicting documentation (mostly on the API side) and a good measure of clueless newbieness, but I did it.

I’ve got an app working that runs through the entire OAuth2 process for my local grocery store’s API. It gets an authorization code using the Webviewer (with a redirect to a page with some javascript that sends back the authorization code as a Webviewer message, using this thing: GitHub - thunkable/webviewer-extension: Communicate between the Thunkable Web Viewer and a website ), then it switches to WebAPI to get get an access token and refresh token with that authorization code.

But oh man, that debugging. Every single attempt, I had to redo my log in on the grocery store’s website (since I couldn’t yet get the authorization token that would have let me skip it). If I ever log in manually to the grocery store’s website again manually, it’ll be too soon.

Next goal: Put something in my shopping cart! :slight_smile:


Never before have I been so excited to see the wrong brand of eggs appear in my cart. :wink:


Nevertheless you got eggs :clap:


Wow - that sounds awesome!

If any of it is on our side please let us know as we’re revamping our documentation at the moment!