Can I use oauth from Google for authentication in my app?

hello guys, I’m creating a webview of a web system where I have the option to log in with google, the problem is that the login with google doesn’t work in the app, when trying to execute the login it returns a blank page, is there any way to solve this?

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Hey @jeversondiasjardim3

Welcome to the community! In short the answer is not yet. I say not yet instead of no because in the background we’re working or will begin working on a Google login component this year. We’re hoping to begin it very soon but there’s no promises on start dates or finish dates. That said I was checking out the spec dock on it yesterday and V one of the login component will be sweet! Again not sure when it’s going to get released but I’m paper so far it looks great.

The reason that you’re unable to do this is because Google prohibits logins through a web viewer. No matter what application that you were running, you would never be able to log into Google through a web viewer. You actually need to use a different protocol to connect and display the login page. This is to avoid malicious developers from creating apps to steal other users information.

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