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You have to use this instead:


I have the same problem.
Have you a method to insert an event into Google Calendar?

First I used a webview to authorize the use of the calendar and insert an event from my app, now Google no longer allows me to use the webview and my app reports: Error 403. That’s an error. Error: disallowed_useragent.

Unfortunately there is still no one who has found a solution.
I hope there is soon a solution. Thank you


Just with an extension :wink:


Please, where can I find the extension - I need this urgently so I can work with the Drive API again. If no extension any workaround available???


There isn’t any extension out there yet + Nope, no workaround. Restricted.


Ouch!!! well, I am taking the bold step to move to Android Studio. This will set my project back by weeks but I think it is high time I stepped up my game. Thanks for swift reply.


You can make an extension :slight_smile:


hmmm that’s so true I will think about it. Thanks again


Are you able to make it?


No, sorry :sweat:
I’m not good at making extensions :sweat_smile:

Maube you could ask other person for it


Do you know if I can use the activity starter for the google login scope?


I dont think so, imma look for some OAuth intents if there are.


so I tried this by pasting the URL for the web viewer in the chrome browser using activity starter and I got my Auth code which works but I don’t want to copy the Auth code manually every time. Any ideas on how we can get the chrome or browser to pass the page title back into the app inventor app automatically.


I’m trying with activity starter. It’s good but i’m not able to pass date and time.


Check out WebViewer Dialog extension: Releasing the "Web Viewer Dialog" extension! this extension supports OAuth (Login with Google).


With the latest additions to the extension, it’s possible to complete the authentication process and have access to the Google Calendar. All due to the great work done by Ben @ILoveThunkable; you’re a myth!!!


This method is alive again :blush:

Just use it with the normal parameters and add the EWV extension to the project and add the block to support OAuth in the WebViewer


Hi! For start your job is superb and i thank you for this extension. Is it possible to have a tutorial how to use it?
thanx again


Now I’m working full time on #chatable, but when I finish I will update this method with the new version :wink:


I & @Sivagiri_Visakan created this extension :wink: