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Can you update apk file


Did you read what he said.




#Version 2 ready!


WebViewerDialog right? :wink:


WebViewerDialog plus ExtendedWebViewer


I used @Barreeeiroo tutorial and i got an odd problem.
Everything works fine IF i use the tutorial webserver https://scripts.thunkable.ga/google/oauth/

But, if i use my webserver, my logic block on WebViewerDialog1.CurrentPageTittle doesn’t work the first time.
I need to push my android back button (from my device) and click the “btnLogin” again, then it will show “Logged In” status.
If i didn’t push back button on my device, it stuck in the WebViewerDialog1.Create state.
It seems that i need to push “btnLogin” twice in order to get “Logged In” result.

I also tried my webserver with Chrome browser on my computer and with my device and it looks ok, i get returned with “Logged in” as a title immediately.

Did i miss something?
Can anyone help?
Thank you in advance.


Doesn’t Work


nominated for the most helpful comment of the year
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