Login with Google - Thunkable/AppInventor



Okey, I will answer all your questions :+1:


can you log in with facebook like this ?


Sure, just take a look to FaceBook Auth API and do the same in the server but with Facebook credentials


Can you make Google Game Services Tutorial.For leaderboard


I think this is imposible because GPlay Games is not supported by AI


It is possible.
Take a look here how Taifun made it:


But its a paid example. You have to pay if you want to use it, he only shows the actoin blocks, but not the functions


Yes i know, but if you want special things you must pay for it.
And it’s everytime good to support persons that made stuff for others.


Can we make a Leaderboard with new Cloudstitch? With sort and get top 250 players


I don’t see why you couldn’t… I don’t have time to try it through. Maybe someone else could try it and let us know if it works?


I dont know anythink about Cloudstitch.But i find new way with firebase i will try


Not working…Please help @barreeeiroo @Mika :confused:


Sorry, I’ve changed all URLs of my website that refers to AppInventor

The new URL of this project is:


Thank you :blush:@barreeeiroo


I’ve made it just to separate my personal website with my files from my public AppInventor storage


This method won’t work from 20th April

Google is blocking the use if In-App webviewers for making requests to the Google Login system.
In my server, scripts.thunkable.ga, it’s still working, but from that day it’s not going to work
New projects are automatically denied if you are on a WenViewer, getting the error disallowed useragent

I will try to find how to solve, but I think that this method will be unnmantained :cry:

Old Server

Notification for developers: Requests for WebViwer will be bloques from 20th April

New Server

Google Play Games Service Extension

that’s correct, see also


Google Play Games Service Extension

But how to solve so? I don’t know any other method to login with google in AppInventor or Thunkable…


to get information about the user, you can use the account manager extension, to pick a Google account you can use the Google Account extension, which is also available there

btw. all my examples, which use Google OAuth also will not work anymore, including the Google Drive interface. Someone will have to write a Google Drive extension using the service account method…



its continuous working?