Login example (Storage: TinyDB)

Hello thunkers,
i created this example to show you how you can make a login screen for your app and store some userdata to “TinyDB” the storage of your device.

Its only a demonstration how it works.
You can modify the example how you want it.


Download aia file
Download apk file

Full blog entry: here

best regards, Mika

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Just an apointment: TinyDB has a problem: any user can see what does any TinyDB stores if they have root access to the mobilephone. I’ve made some tests and finally I reached an XML file where TinyDB stores the data, and any user will be able to use it as they want. (I’m not going to share the path to the file for obvious reasons)

So, I recommend to store values in TinyDB with an encrypt method, like AES-128 that uses any key that you want, like 123456 or abcdef or something like that, or use any other encryption method that could be decrypted with a key, not like MD5 or BASE64


Great Example and Info about TinyDB

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Thanks for the hint. :slight_smile:
I’ve used “TinyDB” just as an example.
The best method is a database in Firebase or Mysql or similar where strangers have no access.


Thank you for the example, @Mika. My next app will access a local database and I’m considering sqlite todo this, but TinyDB is another choice too!!!

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I use the webDB and fusion tables. I haven’t really figured out Firebase that much more and havnt explored Mysql.

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Hi There,

How can we encrypt the data in tiny DB?

Please share steps

please can you give example of how to create a login system with mysql