Logging user activities

We want to develop research about how a child thinks when solving a computational problem. For this purpose, we would like to have a log of the child’s activities trying to solve some computational problems. Is it possible to have a record of such activities in Thunkable, or can an API be developed to perform this logging?

Describe the activities you’re wanting to capture.

We add to know the order that the programmer picks and fills the blocks. The idea of the research istrying to capture how the user programs using “ifs”, “whiles” and son on.

Okay, for that, you would have a block that says When button click or When text input changes do something. That something would probably be to change the value of an integer in a spreadsheet cell to keep count of that action. Or it might be to save the date and time that that action occurred.

You would not need an API to do that. You could, for example, store all of that in a Google Sheet, Airtable or Firebase. If it’s not confidential or personal information and you don’t need the users to access the data from the app, then I would probably use a Google Sheet.

Thanks a lot!

I tried to implement the suggestion that you gave to me, but I think that I did not explain well what we want.
We would like to study the behavior of the programmer and not the behavior of the user of the application.
Therefore, we would like to have access to the code generated by the programmer in text format, like XML for example.

That is definitely not possible with Thunkable.