I'm stuck - this seems like it should be easy, though

I’m very new to Thunkable and learning on the fly as I put together my simple app. I’m having a lot of fun so far and have gotten the biggest features working. I’ve been stumped for 2 days trying to get my data to populate a google sheet and also trying to get a timestamp for each click (I have made zero headway in that one though, while I have had small victories with google sheets).

Is there a treasure trove of tutorials that I’m missing? I find the documentation to be too vague for the questions I’m asking. ChatGPT has been super helpful, but I think most of its suggestions might be out of date with the version of thunkable I’m working on. I feel like this shouldn’t be so hard, but maybe it is.

Would love some advice or guidance.

Hi, welcome to Thunkable!

The documentation can be lacking. It’s in need of a refresh. Some of the info is quite helpful but there’s often not a clear example of how to do something with a particular component or property. I tend to Google Thunkable [key word] and watch videos or comb through pages of info. But if helps that I know Thunkable well and know what to look for.

ChatGPT is unfortunately using information from at least 1-2 years ago and as such it references an older version of Thunkable that is quite different from the current version.

The best way to use the forums is to explain what you’re trying to do, to include a screenshot of your blocks and/or link to your project, and a description of what is/is not working.

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