Live view will not work, Preview does work and mobile kind of works?

I did some research here and found that bugs can stop Live View from working.

What I don’t understand is why Live View will start up than crash, but Preview will work just fine?

And when trying to view the app in the mobile viewer it will not show a button that is placed on the screen. I know the screen is getting updated because I was able to remove a label control from the screen and the mobile view of the screen showed the update.

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OK, now that’s strange. I just tried Live Test (sorry not view) and it works?

But the mobile app still does not show the button that is missing.

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Wow this truly is a bummer and I’m now stuck. The api I’m trying to call does not except https so I cannot continue to test my app from the browser (there’s a thread here on this) and since non of the mobile apps will recognize the buttons added to my screen I cannot continue to test on mobile. I tested this on both android and iphone. I even rebooted my phone, removed the thunkable app and installed it again. I want to recreate the screen but there is no way to duplicate it so I might have to build the entire thing over again because it possibly is corrupt.

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