List Viewer on Navigator Error sensibility

Hello guys!
Something change lately and now I can´t change screens on navigator if there is any list viewer. When scrol left or right on it doesnt move screen only, but always chose any row as clicked and for me open other a few seconds later (my app funcionality).
Any screen with list viewer touched means a item picked even when I am only trying to change to another screen.

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Can you post a link to a project where this is happening?

Hi! I will send you the link but today It return to work normaly. Probably any new update fix the problem.
Thank you.

I’m glad to hear it’s working!

Hello tatiang!

Unfortunately this issues restart as I mention before.
Data Viewer List is to sensitive to click when trying to switch between screens on navigator. Verticaly it works fine, but for right or left swift screens always chose on line in this viewer when trying only change screens.

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Can you post a video of the problem you’re seeing? (6.0 MB)
This is what happend when I only try to change screens.
The PROG screen can open another when select one data in list, but I didnt do this in video, only scrool right and left the screen, but it open any way.

Thank you. I’m sorry, I’m not understanding the problem. Perhaps someone with more experience using navigators can help.