Improved Custom Data Viewer List swiping?

[This is also GitHub feature request “Improved Custom Data Viewer List swiping” #688]

I’m building an app that uses a Custom Data Viewer List inside a column set to Relative Size at 80% of the height. I also have a “spacer” row above it that is set to Absolute height of 10 pixels.

When I preview the project as a web app in Chrome on my iPhone…

I swipe down when the list is already at the top of the screen, it jumps a bit to refresh the view. The same thing happens if I swipe up when the list is at the bottom of the screen. It’s a shaky visual experience.

If I compare that to the functionality of something like the Chrome app on my iPhone, it’s a different experience. In Chrome, the same actions will result in a smooth transition that isn’t jarring.

Another issue is that if I swipe left to display a “delete” button (as part of the custom data viewer list settings), the response is inconsistent. I’m being fairly careful to swipe left and not up or down at the same time. Sometimes the delete button appears, sometimes it appears and then disappears. It should register the swipe left and display the delete button and wait for the next event (e.g. a click). It seems like the sensitivity might need to be adjusted.

You can see both issues in this video (no sound):

Are there plans to improve this functionality?

Hey @tatiang - thanks for the detailed explanation.

Just one other thing I’m wondering about this - is it just on Web Apps that this is happening?


@domhnallohanlon Yes, both issues occur only when I view the project as a web app. As a downloaded iOS app, the experience is good – smooth and consistent.