Swipe right not working in Data viewer (list)?

Hi Thunkers,

Playing around with the Data viewer I noticed the Right swipe button not working. I can display it and change its colour and text etc, but the “when right swipe click” block doesn’t execute the “do”.

Left swipe and click works fine.

Hi @eddie.rebehy,

Could you please post this here:

You might receive more attention here :slight_smile:

Thanks @eoinparkinson. I am new to forums in general. I hesitate in duplicating any post so perhaps one of the administrators may help me move it instead.

Also, I don’t have time to test this again today and so I am uncertain if this bug has already been addressed or not. I wasn’t seeking to have this looked at for my own use but was trying to report on a bug that I noticed. I’m not always sure if and where I should do this.

My personal conclusion on the Data viewer is extremely positive but I will wait until rows in local tables can be better manipulated before incorporating into my own apps. For now, I will continue to clone. :crazy_face:


Cool. If you’ve any more queries or issues be sure to ask in the Community.

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