Only have the option for a "Right Swipe Click" in data viewer list

Hello, it’s me again.
I recently wanted to place different actions based on if the user presses the button when they swipe left on my data viewer list, but am only given the option to swipe right click.


I’m not sure if this is just me, or if I’m doing something wrong but any help is appreciated.

Do you have the left swipe gesture enabled @gavishoriana9o?

I only have the left swipe gesture enabled.

Be aware that you can create your own data viewer list layout and put as many buttons and elements as you want and then set the parameters according to the target button.

However I draw your attention not to overload the layout because if you have to display a lot of data when you press it, it bugs and especially on Android. But if you only need right gesture and left gesture please activate left gesture on the menu on the right search well you’ll find it

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Have you enabled this two?

Like this - image

I have both swipes enabled yet only right swipe button available. Data is also no longer biding in the new release. My app that was working before is no longer working.


@Patrick_Elisha @roumak-coder @gavishoriana9o @kushweez looks like there’s an issue with this at the moment - we’re looking into it and will keep everyone updated in this thread: