List viewer and swiping

From what I can tell the list viewer does not support swiping, is this correct? Is there away to add a button to each item in the list? I was hoping to offer the user the option to delete row right from the list. I had some other ideas as well that could have worked out well with swiping.

You can use a custom data viewer list, which has swiping enabled. You can also add buttons and other components of your choice.

Even a standard Data Viewer List has left and right swipe detection.

Yes, but none of them has buttons, so he’ll need to make one on his own.

They have buttons built in. :slight_smile:

Here’s my photo journal showing what happens if I swipe left on an item (the red “delete” button):

And the default options for left (or right) swipe:


@darren shows how to do this starting at the 20:32 mark in this video:

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Silly me! I thought he wanted buttons for a different purpose. I almost always use the default buttons for edit/delete. Whenever I need anything else, I add my own and save it as a custom DVL.

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Great, thanks! Big fan of @Darren

But how do I use these with the Firebase Real Time Database? Aren’t I restricted to only the list viewer to for this type of data source? I’m using the cloud var method of communicating with Firebase and need to display the data. The views that you mention do not connect to a list var for their data (from what I can tell). Am I missing something? Please share and thank you for the help!

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Can you please explain this custom option to me? How can I build a custom list solution?


Data Viewer List (DVL) requires a Data Source that is created using the Data Sources option (local table, Airtable, Google sheet) so you will not be able to use it directly with Firebase.

However, you can create a dummy local table and keep it empty.

Whenever you want to display data use the list you receive from Firebase and loop through the list adding every item to the dummy table. This table is bound to the DVL in your screen which will show the data.

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Ouch, that’s a tough solution path to take. I can see how this would work but I can also see how this would be tough for me to maintain with full CRUD support and keeping everything in sync. Thank you for the solution. I thought I was missing something.

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It’s not as bad as it looks.

See this sample project to get the basic idea. I can also help in doing another project that will read from Firebase if you see it necessary.

Thank you!

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