[Solved] Is there a way to have Data Viewer List Swipe Button stay visible after it's clicked?

Like the title says… As a first app, I have make one to keep an inventory of all my fishing tackle. For each item added (in an Airtable) I have a several cell filled with appropriate info for each category of tackle. I have manage to make it the way I wanted and now I’m adding some feature. The one I would like to add now it’s to be able to adjust the Qty field for an item in the List Viewer by left/right swiping the said item, as a +/- button. It was fairly simple to do but I quickly find it to be not very usefull cause it can only be change by 1 each time I swipe, then I need to swipe again to add/sub more. For what I want to do, it would be better if the button stay visble after each click, then just swipe back to make it disapear. Possible or not?

Hey @kaalthar, :wave: and welcome to the community!

This looks like a really great idea for an app. In relation to your question:

Right now, this wouldn’t be possible unfortunately. However, you could use an approach like the Cafe sample app for the Data Viewer Grid?

Simple click on the tackle you want to use and then have + and - buttons on the screen to change the count.

Would something like that work for you do you think?

Thank for the tip… i will certainly look into it when I have a chance. Will come back to you after I did.

I have looked into it and won’t do. I have already an Item Click option for each item in the list which bring a complete info/edit page about each tackle. I can already adjust the qty of the item in the displayed page. I was looking for a quick way to edit qty without using the edit page.

Thank again for the help, maybe in future update that will be possible. Also, it will be great to be able to edit some of the data viewer list/grid initial setting use in the Design mode in the Blocks mode, to make it more dynamic. For me, since I have a lot of categories, I wasn’t able to put everything in a single table due to a lack of sorting option, I ended up with 25 tables. It will be better to use variable to point in which table to edit things. For now, I must select each table in a drop-down menu in Blocks mode and check with multiple If/do to add or edit in the right table. It gives a lot of duplicated blocks. It will also be great to change data bindings for the layout and control what info to display in the list trough user input i.e.: in an Options settings of the App.

Again, thanks for the help, I will thinker with other ideas in the next weeks, maybe re-doing my app from ground-up to use other feature, probably with Realtime DB instead of Airtable, making it usable by User Creation/Login. For now, everything is hard coded to my personal DB, not usable by anyone else.