List_viewer error

I can use the Live Test simulation, but when I press GETButton2 on my phone, it crashes!

First you need to understand what data is in the block and only then work with it, and you immediately try to insert it into the list. What if the data is incorrect?

Sorry! i’m a beginner!
I need to add LIST items and delete LIST items. Can you give me better suggestions?

I’m sorry, but I don’t understand you. First you write that there is a crash, and now you ask completely different questions that do not relate to this topic.

Let’s take it in order. You click on the button and you get a crash. Why does it work? Because in the event handling block, you have some blocks that cause the crash. Do you understand that? If so, then go further. Why do these blocks cause crashes? One of the reasons is that you are trying to work with incorrect data. How do I find out what data is in a block? Output them to Label. text and check them.


You think that the stored SQL block contains a list, but this is incorrect. You should be sure that there is a list that can be assigned to the ListViewer block.

Thank you! Your explanation! After I added the conversion LIST, it won’t crash!