Are my blocks correct? It works but crashes

I’ve been stuck on parts of my app for a bit now and haven’t reached a solution. I hope somebody can please take a look at my blocks and let me know if I have used them properly.

The app works just fine on web, but crashes on mobile when I click the Strain or Product button. I have tried with my Pixel 5 and a Samsung Galaxy S8+.

For the screen in question, when you click the Strain or Product button, there is a drop down list, from which you may choose one. The chosen entry changes color, and then the text is pushed to the button.

Is there a better way to arrange the blocks to have the same function? Perhaps if there is, I can solve the crashing problem.

I have included screenshots of the Strain and Product details, as well as screenshots of the blocks that came before them, in case they are causing an issue.

Thanks for taking the time to look :slight_smile:

Ah… I’m honestly not quite sure what’s happening. Try adding more delays, as large events (Depending on the device) Tend to crash when data is taken from them immediately. With the product viewer crashing on item click, you’re technically editing the product viewer and immediately changing the background colour of one of the rows. As for why clicking the Strain button doesn’t work, I have no idea. I might need to understand what {PRODUCT, STRAIN}_group means.

As for rearranging the blocks, this is probably as concise as it gets. You can try experimenting without the buttons first.

Strain Group or Product Group - contains the list viewer and the Done button together.

There’s a known bug that prevents changing a Data Viewer List’s background color using blocks. See this: Can't change container background color manually in DVL

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