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I may be posting this in the wrong area, but is it possible to sync up inventory to the app with QuickBooks, so the inventory quantities will show up in the app?


Hey @jimgears77 - welcome to the Thunkable Community :wave:

Going to move this to #thunkable since I think it’s a better fit for your question.

Does Quickbooks offer any sort of API that you could pull data from?

Alternatively, can you sync your QB data with Google Sheets and use the Data Viewer to visualise the Sheet in your Thunkable app?

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I think the second option would be more conducive. At this point, I am just looking at this as a possibility, but I would rather not get into tying into QB’s API.

Thanks @domhnallohanlon!

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No problem at all - keep us posted and let us know if you have any other questions Jim!