Question about available functions in Thunkable X

i have done in appinventor a project that read datas from a spreadshet of google and show data in the app.

I know that i cannot convert aia file directly in thunkable but i want to know it this features are available in thunkable-x

read data from google spreadsheet
pass values from a listpicker in another screen of the app
show web pages!

If yes i will try to convert it… otherwise i don’t lose time

Hi there,

You can display data from a Google Sheet in the Data Viewer List of the Data Viewer Grid, by connecting your Google sheet as a Data Source.

If you save a selected value as a variable, you can access it from any screen.

You can display web pages in the Web Viewer.

You can learn more about the functions available in Thunkable X in our docs or on Thunkable’s YouTube channel.



i will try the functions you suggested me…
i tryed to reproduce the same blocks of appinventor but some blocks are missing in xthunkable!
so maybe i have to use your “way”