What are Data Sources?


I found a new area today -


What could this be?


Please be google sheets connectivity! I want to be able to use google sheets and their charts more than anything on here.

I will post about this in the github. The service is superior to airtable, for sure. Right? They offer so much more. Airtable cost too much for data visualization purposes. Thunkable X would benefit from a good data visualization/storage extension/plugin.


The day’s silly sarcasm

@domhnallohanlon - likes

@jared - Google Sheets!!

@domhnallohanlon - likes again but does not respond

me - freaks out of curiosity & questions :joy:

P.S. Yes, I agree. It was a bad joke :joy_cat:

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@kartik14 dude, that’s funny. I was thinking the same thing. like maybe @domhnallohanlon is over there in Ireland(?), chuckling behind his monitor, drinking his coffee, sitting back knowing that he’s not saying anything and it’s making our minds drool in anticipation



The more guesses we make, the more he chuckles :joy:

It’s a nice idea that Thunkable gives a chance to users to identify the new feature :+1:
I really love the idea! :heart_eyes_cat:

@domhnallohanlon needs to reply soon, or we’ll keep making terrible guesses :sweat_smile:

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Nearly spit my coffee all over my monitor I laughed so hard at that Jared!

Ok, here’s a sneak peak so:

There’s still a bit of work to do on this, but I’m excited about it! (sounds like you guys are too!!)


:joy: You too are good at jokes like me! :joy:

How about some more sneak peeks? :grin:

That feels like a big recipe is getting cooked :heart_eyes_cat:


YESSS! I do most of my work on google or apple cloud. Specifically, I do most of my spreadsheet work on google sheets, they are so versatile.

Do you have any foreshadowing on the ability to incorporate the charts that can be created using google sheets?


@domhnallohanlon could you plz provide any approx release dates? We are excited!


Charts aren’t part of the spec for the first version of this, and come to think of it they should probably be a standalone component by themselves.

I can go back to some of my old videos/tutorials later and see if there’s any way to use a charting API for this use case instead.


That would be awesome and super appreciated I have tried to use the charts API but have a hard time getting anything but an error back from the server.

I unfortunately haven’t been able to dedicate enough time to this! If you find something helpful, feel free to share it and i will consume the material!


We’re still in testing at the moment, so once we’re happy that it works for a decent number of test cases then we’ll release it to a few folks here in the community who can try it out with a few more test cases! :smile:


I’m in! That’s some nice news!

@jared you type tooo fassst :sweat_smile:


I remember it being a little counter intuitive. There are definitely a few third-party APIs that you can send JSON to (titles and values) and they’ll actually return a .png file for you that can be displayed directly in our Image component.

Mind creating a new post about this as some other folks with have thoughts about this too. I can jump in when I find the API I’m thinking of.


@kartik14 and @jared here’s the “sign up” link, feel free to spread the word!

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I just left a comment :smile:

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Um… Is this a new component to test @constservicespecials?

@jared what do you say?

Hey! These are the components associated with the list viewer.

I think @domhnallohanlon unlisted that post :sweat_smile:

Anyways, I think it was SPAM…

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So did I…that’s why I deleted it! :joy: