Displaying data from a Google Sheet

Hey everyone,

I’m trying to make a simple app which will display data from a Google Sheet.

Basically it needs to display the data of a few certain cells (which are calculating totals and percentages from other data within that same sheet).

I’m unsure how to set this up using blocks, so that when you open the screen or push a button it is retrieving those few cells and displaying their contents.

I have set up with Cloudstitch and have the api and sheet name in Thunkable, (but have left the base ID empty?) as far as I have researched this appears to be set up okay, just need to know how to create the blocks to that for example on screen 2 start it displays cell A4 in this box and B6 in that box.

Any help appreciated, thank you!

On Thunkable X platform, the Spreadsheet service is powered by Airtable and not by Cloudstitch. Please check this first

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Cloudstitch is currently unavailable