Add/Update data to Google sheets


I would like to update or add data from an app i am building in Thunkable x. The user will input data on the app with textboxes and with the press of a button the data will be added or updated on a google sheet.

You can update or add data via Cloudstitch but i would like to know if it is possible to do it without cloudstitch (i constantly have access/security issues with Cloudstitch) by creating a WebApi in Google Sheets.

I have created a WebApi and done the follwoing so far

But i don’t know what i need to do next. How do i add the parameters? And the text i want to add?

In classic Thunkable you can do something like this,

Any help will be much appreciated.

Upload user details to Spreadsheet with/without Cloudstitch

or watch this tutorial video : Store users data to spreadsheet without using Cloudstitch, Airteble or any other API

/Ct tricks


I managed to get Cloudstitch to work but now i would like to know how do i use the API in Thunkable X. Do i create an API? Or should i use the spreadsheet component? And how should my blocks roughly look like?




Have you thought about using Airtable, which is supported by our Spreadsheet component?



Thank you i managed to to get Airtable to work when adding records but what blocks do i use to get data from airtable and present it in a Text Input or Label?


Hi, you just use Get function.
Here’s an example I just made quick, sorry for the many blocks, but X in really unstable :confused:


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To access Google sheets, you can use php (or another server technology or services with API, that knows how to work with them). But this way is quite complicated and now it is better to use AirTable, as it is advised here.

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