How to link a spreadsheet with thunkable?

I wanted to know how to link a spreadsheet with thunkable. For eg I ordered 1 kg apple in an app so when an order is placed in the app the details of the order should come in the spreadsheet.
for eg

You can Google that. If you have any trouble, share a url that you found and what you’ve tried so far.

The answer has already been given in a discussion. Read this -

I don’t want to view the spreadsheet data in the app I want the orders to display in the spreadsheet

Hey, @garvitkohli755equjoe, You wont see the spreadsheet “on” the app but on the back end and, don’t use excel, Use google sheets or airtable to “get the orders”.


  1. Create a spreadsheet on google sheets.

  2. Now connect the spreadsheet like this :-



It’s the same for both airtable and google sheets.


@garvitkohli755equjoe - you can use the create block to write data to a spreadsheet:

Or you can use the update block to overwrite an existing record