Cant get non visible components and some sections in the Pallete

I started Thunkable yesterday and I Did make a test app but I only get 21 visible components ex. Button, Label, and textbox. I don’t get components like database and firebase and much more. And I did not found the components groups and did not found any way to import the extension. I only found some of the User Interface like this in the Add components section -

So how can I get the components and the sections?

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Welcome to the community. It looks like you are using the new designer i.e. Drag and Drop, that doesn’t have all the components as of now. To use the old UI, you shouldn’t tick this box when creating a project.

Thunkable X doesn’t support extensions.

That is all the components it currently supports.


The invisible components were moved to the blocks screen in the DnD UI. Few components are still missing but the majority are there.

What component are you looking for?


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All are available in the DnD UI. Any other components that you are interested to see if available in the new UI?

@backscratcher2007 please note he said like and much more so it wouldn’t be just database.

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I am looking for the spreadsheet component which connects the airtable spreadsheet.

That you can get in the new UI to,

Navigate to data sources, below Designer.
Click the plus button

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Thanks, @backscratcher2007

I also have a question that how can I get the SHA-1 fingerprint of a Thunkable app?