Latest Thunkable ✕ Release - Compatibility with Android 8.0 / API 26


Hey Thunkers,

Thanks so much for your patience as we worked furiously to upgrade all apps made on Thunkable to be compatible with Android 8.0 / API 26. The change was implemented to only ask for permission for certain sensitive services (camera, photo library, location sensor, speech recognizer, assistant) when those permissions are needed.

Today we are excited to announce that all apps made on Thunkable ✕ are now compatible with Android 8.0 / API 26. This means you can publish your beautiful, brilliant apps made on Thunkable ✕ on the Google Play Store.

To enable this, we made some updates to our infrastructure that may have altered the vertical layout of your apps.


  • Hide status bar bug - A blank status bar will still show up even if hide status bar is set to false; we are hoping to fix this soon
  • Heights of visible elements set to ‘fit contents’ may need to be updated to ‘relative size’ or another option
  • ​Scrollable columns - height will need to be set to ‘fit contents’

If you are seeing other layout issues, please report them and we will try to help you fix them as soon as we can.

We also fixed some bugs that we hope will improve your app building experience.

See here for the full release notes

Albert on behalf of the team at Thunkable

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