Latest iOS release (Jan 10) - Live Test 2.0, Rename Projects, Screen Background, Firebase Private URL and Translator Languages

Happy new year Thunkers!

We hope you are welcoming the new year in good spirits. We wanted to say thanks to all our early iOS users for all the feedback – please keep it coming!

Today, we are excited to bring you a number of new features that we hope will enhance your app-building experience on iOS.

You can also learn more about the major changes in this short blog post – or if you prefer, you can read our release notes here too.

Albert on behalf of the team at Thunkable


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Love the update and very pleased the only issue is once you selected a screen1 background colour you can’t change it back to none. And this blocks the background image

Hi there — thanks for this feedback – we should definitely add this as a property you can edit in the Blocks – how are you using it?

Albert @ Thunkable

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WoW! :sunglasses:

Amazing! Love this update :+1:

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Hi I put in the .png file but accidentally opened the background colour which changed to white as default. But once done no way to return to none. It seems to block the .png image on the device in live testing and I had the app built yesterday and again on the device it showed a white screen even though I had selected a png image. Now if the couple is left alone then there are no problems and the omg image shows perfectly.
On a whole I am pleased using and looking forward to move updates

If colour is left alone I mean

Will we be able to authenticate firebase with the database secret in the future?

As a side note, the background image should take precedence over the background color i.e. if there is an image and a color, the image will show.


Downloading again to see if it works this time. Could be a build error which happens at times.


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Hi ok if you leave the screen1 background image empty and put it in the block it’s loads fine. But when you request a download I still getting the blank white screen.

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Hello sir can u pls add more feature like makeroid and appybuilder in thunkable pls sir

wow! can’t wait testing the firebase component :heart_eyes:

Hello! I don’t know if you are going to read this, but can you please make it so that you can rename the components? I would love this to appear on the IOS side of Thunkable. I don’t want to layout all the names of the various components on a piece of paper. Thanks!

can i ask when the “set visible” option will be integrated?