Thunkable for iOS Release (Nov 2) - Camera, Photo Library / ImagePicker, Firebase Realtime DB, Drag and Drop for Mobile and Tablet

Hey Thunkers,

For those of you who have been thunking on our iOS platform, we want to say thank you for your patience as we have been working hard to get as many features released as we possibly can. Today, we are excited to release the following features:

Platform improvements

  • Smartphone and tablet support for drag and drop of components and blocks (You can now build an app on your favorite iPad!)

  • Easily upload media by dragging and dropping files to any part of the Thunkable screen

New components

  • Photo Library aka Image Picker to select photos from the device

New blocks
Objects blocks to power formatting data retrieved from outside Web services APIs (Web API component is coming soon!)

Release notes are here

Happy thunking!
Albert on behalf of the Thunkable team


This looks amazing! Looking forward to building apps with these new components.

hi,@albert,i test the new release,the textinput settext and gettext bug still not solved.

Will we be able to use Firebase Storage soon?

Hi there. Firebase is available using our own server. We’re working on the ability to use Firebase with your private url.

Albert @ Thunkable

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Hi there. We just made a fix for Text Input – hopefully this solves your earlier problem:

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thank you,very good!

very much look forward to can use our private url!then can share data with Android app.

so how do you get to blocks editor?

Click on “Blocks”. Does nobody read the documentation these days?


so where’s the blocks button anyway???

Hello. I wanted to ask you when will I use firebase with my private url? What time are there? Congratulations for the whole project.

Hi there. We don’t have a date yet – but let me make sure to add it to our feature roadmap.

Out of curiosity, how were you planning to use it?

Albert @ Thunkable

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Hello! Thank you very much, I was waiting for you to integrate Firebase in iOS! I’ll be careful for when they add our private URL. Congratulations for everything!

While the topic of future features is at hand, I was wondering if there’s a list that discloses planned features - for both ios and android? Thank you.

Also I was not the person, you asked, I want to give an answer :wink: . I want to make a iOS Version of my thunkable android app. I basically use store and delete in an open firebase database, also I use the web component to upload and download pictures to the firebase storage. I you need alpha testers, it would be a real pleasure for me to help you!

Thx for your efforts, your work is really appreciated!