Keyboard shortcuts


Is there a documentation of all the keyboard shortcuts available for Thunkable X? The GUI method takes forever to do

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Hi, @terryneedsleep! :wave:

For which component(s) you need Shortcuts for?

Currently, shortcuts are not available :confused:

I think you need shortcuts to find & get a component in designer… :thinking:

:arrow_right: If so, try this -

Hope I helped you! :smile:

Thanks! :blush:

Would be nice to have keyboard shortcuts:
For example in the blocks like Control + Alt + Y or duplicating blocks
Other example yes like shortcut to duplicate labels or buttons etc

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:thinking: Makes Sense…



No shortcuts list, but you can define it themselves based on their experience.

Ctrl + C - copy to clipboard
Ctrl + V - paste from clipboard
Ctrl + X - cut to clipboard
Ctrl + A - select all text in block
Ctrl + F - enter the search mode in the text on the browser page
Ctrl + Shift + -> to add the word to the selection
Ctrl + Shift + <- remove the last word from the selection

and so on

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