Jokes masala app



hi i just made a app using thunkable and i hope you will like it !
check out how this made ?


Bro no word best app ever


How you change post remotely


nice app ! how did u created that swipe effect for images ?


Friend, your app, in my cellphone, closes when I Go back to home and Select any option. Btw, It is a Nice app.


simply using the buttons and screens.


thats not the swipe effect its just changing of different screens.


thanks bro that bug occur due to because i have used many screens in my app more then 60. so im trying to put all these posts onto a single screen.
thankyou for reviewing the app !!


dude that app logic is worst actually. you open different screen for each image !!! more than 60 screens in ur app. and also all the images are offline. this kinda app wont survive on playstore man. if someone exits the app …all the screens are closed around 30-40 and it takes time and hangs the phone !


you might want to follow tip 1



yes dude you are right . i just made this app for testing but now i want to develop this app with more perfection .