Thunk All The Things!

At the risk of significantly lowering the tone around here, I humbly submit for your consideration my latest Thunkable app:
“Meme Generator” :joy:

It does exactly what it says on the tin - you can use it to make and share memes (because the world doesn’t have enough already?).

Thanks to everyone in the communitywho has suggested device art generators , I think my screenshots for this app look much better than they previously did.

The app is available now for download from the
Play Store


Good app😋

Detected few bugs.

When ‘Cancel’ button pressed, it should not save image. But it saving.

And, another thing is unable to exit from app. When press ‘stop application’ it won’t do that function.

Thanks @Madan_Mathod, I’ll fix those at get it updated!

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Nice app, I like it!

Very nice app!!! Congratulations!!!

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How did you holo dark theme please reply

I didn’t do anything @Yusuf_Deniz! That’s just the default appearance of the notifier on my device. What does it look like on your phone?

only dark and white…

Can you send a screenshot? What Android version do you have?

This notifier theme is Android 5+.

I believe this is what It’ll look like in Android 4.

Nice job! Is super cool!