It's The Cops app

I’ve created an Android app for folks within the USA to help manage encounters with the police. The app is now in Open Beta on the Google Play Store.

Here’s the link:

I’d be ever so thankful for any review and feedback.

This app is only available within the USA.


I see that a few people did actually click on the Play Store link. According to the Play Console, no one installed.

Is there a problem with the link? Decided you didn’t want to bother with the app after all? What?

[quote=“ken_baumann, post:1, topic:14636”]
This app is only available within the USA.
[/quote ]

Remember, a lot of the people in here are NOT from the USA, so installing the app would be pointless to many.

Also this surprise is what you see when you click the link:

Thanks for the response.

I did mention it’s in Beta, and that’s the panel for a Beta test.

Yes, but maybe if you publish the app, would be a better idea?

Great app though ^^

Thanks for the compliment.

I’m a perfectionist, I am hoping that at least a few people will give it a try before releasing it to the wild. If no one does in a week or two, I’ll turn it loose and hope for the best.