Testers needed First app published. I would love to get your feedback

Hello all, I have just published my first app on Google Play. I would like to invite you to download and test it and give me any feed back you have. The app is Likeyouknow.


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I think you need to open your Beta testing, this is the message I get going to the link:

App not available for this account

Your account isn’t currently eligible for this app’s testing program.
If you’ve been invited to become a tester, make sure you’re signed into the account that was invited to the testing program. If you’ve been invited to a Google Group or Google+ Community as part of the program, make sure you’ve joined the Group or Community.

Sorry. I havent taken that post down. My app is in full production. Here is the link. Please give me you honest option and suggestions. Thanks. I will also take the old link down.

I noticed a few things about your app.

  1. The logo is a bit boring (just my opinion)
  2. Spelling mistake on the splash screen (two times “like”)
  3. The terms and conditions are way too large. Good that you have them, but maybe put them in a publicly accessible Google document
  4. Nice idea to help people to improve their language

Thanks for looking at it and your opinion. The spelling error is a play on words. I will checkout the other things. I think it will help out a lot of people, since we all say like way too often.