Testing Service?

Hey all,

My app is currently pending publication in the Play store.

Was wondering if anyone knows of a good service to beta test your app before you release it into publication.


I will beta test for iPhone/iPad

I can beta test for iOS as well

@smreeves2004bb we have the @Community_Testers here with 100+ members who can test and give you feedback on your app. DM me and I’ll set that up.

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Thanks for the offer!

I haven’t yet signed up for the Apple app store.

Can I get back with you when I do?

Yes. But see the offer above! @domhnallohanlon has a access to over a hundred testers! You’ll probably want to take him up on that :wink:


Here is the link to the app if you have an Android phone and want to check it out…


Any feedback is greatly appreciated.


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Hey there @smreeves2004bb! :raised_hands:

First off, from the beginning. Great work getting an app published! It’s not easy at all!! SIck screenshots! I really like that and it made it attractive to me before I even downloaded it. So, good job!

Looks great and feels nice to move around during log in and the ‘choose your goal’ screen. I went with start an emergency fund.

1st thing i notice for a quick fix would be an extra button on this ‘enter your debt’ screen.

I accidentally clicked enter another debt after adding the first, but didn’t actually want to enter another one. maybe add the ‘all done for now’ on this screen as well after the first debt has been added. or an option to ‘return later to add more’

I should note, I am using Bluestacks emulator, after submitting my first debt and attempting to progress to the next screen, it caused an emulator fail and it shut down.

It seems like a way for me to track how much i save, my debts, and to see credit card offers. there is a cute motivation quote at the top, i am assuming changes daily?

I would suggest

  • making the payment on the debts an option that the user has to click a button about every time the due date is coming up.

  • instead of ‘next due date’ may be an option for ‘regular due date’ or ‘next due date’ and ‘billing cycle length’ as some debts are paid off at different rates.

  • Add an option to input monthly income as a way to track debt vs income. this is an important topic to consider when budgeting and paying down debts. I want to know how much of my monthly income is spendable vs being put towards any debts I may have.

*Add an easy way to track that a payment occured and if you paid extra on that debt for that payment. Sometimes if i make extra in a pay period, i will put down extra on my card. A popup screen would be handy for this.

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That’s really valuable feedback. Thanks so much for taking the time to go through the app.

I didn’t think about someone making a mistake on the enter a debt screen! Thanks for picking that up.

Yeah the quote changes regularly. I thought it would be good to have something in the app change regularly to keep it from getting stale. In the future I was thinking about changing the top banner every so often.

You gave me a lot to look into. Thanks again. I really appreciate it!

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