Issues Publishing to iOS

Struggling to get a urgent maintenance fix into the app store. The Thunkable beaver keeps giving me a OOPs message. The error dump is as much use to me as a chocolate fireguard. Despite backing out changes and resubmitting a previous version that has been published on app store, it is still not working. Anyone else having issues. Also pointed out by Jane that non roman characters and numbers only allowed in asset filenames, so underscores do not work. Curious as my last dozen versions had underscores and did work in last few months, so clearly something has changed, I am guessing to do with the IOS Golden Master crash fix. Been waiting for a follow up response from Thunkable staff (Pro account), but I guess they are off black friday shopping or eating turkey curry.

Same boat here !! Very frustrating. Did you fins a solution ?



No, l moved to swift to get urgent fix in
Still waiting for a fix