Issue with "when Screen Starts" event since Jan 12, 2021

I sent you a project in your private message

Hello, I had already talked about this problem in the PRO thunkable chat here’s how I have to bypass the problem.

the OPENS feature doesn’t work on android and only works on IOS I have to put my actions in Start otherwise android doesn’t work but the problem is that when the user comes back on the screen it doesn’t trigger anymore because when the actions are on start it’s only one.

It seems to have a major problem with the startup screen.

Thanks - I replied to your PM.

Going to focus on this starts/open issue right now.

wow - this is interesting, thanks for sharing @kushweez.

I have a couple of meetings this now, but if anyone else in the thread wants to check this out I’ll check back in this afternoon.

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I’ve tried it already but without any luck.

Same here. Although @kushweez 's solution addresses start and open modifying the same variables and causing havoc, the solution does not address this issue. (my implementation)

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Hello all!

We are planning to release a potential fix for the issue with Screen starts block.
The upcoming release can be accessed here:

Please let us know whether the issue persists on Web and/or on building the Android app.

Note: Currently the testing platform does not support Live testing on Android and iOS.
Please download Android app to test.


Hi there, I’ve got 3 questions to this:

  1. I don’t have a Pro account yet. Are you waiting for a few Pro users to test it and then roll it out to everyone if there are no issues?

  2. Did you also look at the Screen Open block? While the issue was solved for me on one screen when I switched it from Screen Starts to Screen Opens, I have another screen that used to work flawlessly with Screen Open but is now only doing half of what it’s expected to do. On this one, the “from Button set text to …” blocks are not working any more.

  3. You’re saying “Web and Android”. We’ve also seen those issues on iPhone. Does this include iPhone?



Thank you for your questions.

  1. Yes, getting feedback from some of the users will help us ensure that the issue does not persist in the new version.
  2. In the release we have tried to make the Screen starts and opens blocks to work as they were working before this issue. If by any chance this release still does not resolve your issue, please let us know and we can dig deep into what’s causing it.
  3. For now, the staging platform only supports the testing of web and ‘built’ Android apps. But once the release goes out, it would be for all the platforms.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:



@janhavid @domhnallohanlon ,

Here is a link to a focused demonstration project. The project still does not work properly on staging using live test and responsive web app ( labels do not render at all, see attached video ).

Thunkable - Google Chrome 2021-01-16 (539.6 KB)

I’ve also built the android APK. When testing the APK on a Samsung Galaxy S20 the initial loading of the app (no user interaction) causes the start event of screen 1 to occur 6 (six) times, the open event of screen 1 occurs 3 (three) times and the start event of screen 2 occurs 3 (three) times. On the positive side, the labels do render.

Obviously, the excessive repetitiions of the start and open events make this solution unuseable.

Feel free to reach out via DM if I can help test any interim solutions or provide support in any way.



Thank you @drted for posting this.

Checked it on android. It’s not working /:expressionless:

I also checked, I think I am experiencing the same issue as what is posted above. With tbe “screen starts” vs “screens opens”. When using navigation via a button. The screen remains blank. If I navigate away then back the data loads fine.

So to sum up: screen 1 button click --> screen 2 (no load). Use navigation bar --> back to screen 1 --> then
back to screen 2 via navigation bar. Data is present

Edit: I think the fix is only in the staging location per @janhavid

iv’e checked it, and it seems it’s working!

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@oreeldadln are the multiple starts/opens fixed as well? (please say yes)

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unfortunately no :confused:

Checked this version with web-app (published). The screen open blocks seemed to be working now, Thanks. Thunkable staff.

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it’s working but there is a different bug for me on ios. when I’m downloading my app or publishing it, a lot of pictures in my app is getting cut. don’t know what causes it, but it’s not possible to publish a version with half the pictures cut. did that happen to anyone else?

Looks like it is working for me on Android (I have not tested on iOS yet). @oreeldadln I am not seeing the issue you are describing on my app but it does in fact ring a bell…

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The demonstration app I created (see my prior post on this thread) still does function correctly. A proper solution will both render visible components AND have the start event occur only once per screen and the open event only occur on screen opening. Neither production or staging meet both criteria for my demonstration app. :cry:

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@drted I totally agree with you. I am still getting the screen-reopen even in the app compiled on the staging environment :frowning: