Is this block gonna work?😭

Hi. I do this app for school project and i get this problem. I use data from sheet4 that is sorted from sheet1 but if i delete by left swipe for row id “row id” it will take the row id from sheet4 to delete in sheet1. So, I want to know if this blocks gonna work or is there any block can solve my problem.
Ps. Sorry for my poor English communication.

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It’s not working.:sob::sob:

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Can you please share a link to your project?

Can you also be a little more specific in your question, and add more detail about what you’re trying to do. I understand your English is not great and I understand that you can always reply in another language for me to translate, that’s no problem!

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Row ID cannot be an object as you are calling it here. It’s either a string that you enter or you can use the green row id block.

Each row has its own unique 24 character ID–that is what the green row id block is referring to. You must use this ID to refer to rows of your Airtable and Local data sources in the blocks below.

If your data source is a Google Sheet , you can refer to the row by its integer position (1 for the first row, 2 for the second row, etc.)

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Thank you so much, I’ll try!


Delete the ‘get row object’ block. Just use the green ‘row id’ block as the row id when deleting a row.

I’ll explain what I’m doing again.
My app working steps are

  1. Fill in information through the Thunkable app. It will be information Food name and expiration date
    -The entered information will be in sheet1.
    -I sorted the data from sheet1 by date. Got it as data in sheet4
    -I used the function datedif in sheet1 and filtered the data from sheet4. By giving the value from datedif<8. I named the sheet “<8”
  2. I imported data into data viewer list from sheet named “<8”.
  3. I swipe left to delete from data viewer list but I want it to delete data in sheet1 so I use the block that delete sheet1.
    -Can it do that?

I tried using the green “row id” block but it uses row number of sheet “<8” comes to delete sheet1 data with that row number.
Ex. In photo