[Solved] Is the "delete row in" component from Data Sources working?

Hi friends, i see the “delete row in” component from Data Sources is already included in the blocks section. But, is it working already?.

Thanks in advance!

Please @domhnallohanlon @Mark, do you guys know about this? Thanks in advance!

i have used delete

Hi @kizzy, it is quite simple the block but it is not working for me. There is something I have to consider please?. Are you using Google sheets or airtable for data source?

you have to use exact row id. if you did, it should be done.

same for me

hi @saramdl.gaunde021 sure, i did it like that. Please take a look to my blocks:

im not sure i understand whole think but,
i believe if you drag ‘row id’ in right swipe block
into block to delete, then it has to work.

(Mine is also not working)

I think Thunkable staff should answer us -:
@jane, @domhnallohanlon
if this feature can be used or not.

Please Reply,

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yes @saramdl.gaunde021, i did it exactly like that. BTW i am using google Sheets as data source, i´m gonna try using airtable to see what happens…

yes, i agree…

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if you guys do just swipe and delete(without any other functions), it will be done.
i also have some problem with data viewer, but just delete function is working well.

Not working using airtable as data source either :sob:

Hey guys! now the delete component is working for me. I didn’t change anything in my blocks so maybe the function was unable temporally. It would be good to have a feedback from the staff guys.

Not working again, how we can get an answer from staff guys?

@Mark, @jane, @domhnallohanlon

Please answer

Please file a Github issue to report this behavior.
You can find advise on how to do this in the pinned post of this forum.

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Hi friends, the “delete row” component is working OK for me since yesterday. I don’t know exactly from when it is working but I just realized yesterday. Hope you can use it without any more issues in your projects!


Actually it is working from almost past two weeks! :smile:

Thanks to Thunkable Team! :innocent:



I am trying to use the delete all rows block. I am having no luck.


here are the only blocks in the project in action at this time

nothing is being deleted from table 1.

i am having different results when switching betwen thunkable companion and live preview. live preview seems to delete the data (or not pull any) but wont display any.