How can I delete a specific row in Airtable?

I m tryng to delete a row and I see this error, How can I delete a specific row in Airtable?

I ve watched a similar post, I tryed that but I see this error…

“no id_ property was specified in the provided row object”

Any luck with this? I’m having the same problem.

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Nope but now I m using cloud variables in Firebase, did you try with that?

Yeah I’ve been using that too. It definitely works more smoothly. But i’d like to have a spreadsheet of my data too.

@kidd7061 all of this should be available via the Data Viewer when it comes out in April.

You can sign up for the beta version here:


Hey @Leito and @kidd7061

Check out my blog post about that here


This will be a sweet update! The look is very similar to Material design - cards. do these (or could they ever) have buttons or just an ‘on click’ feature?

I could also just be patient and wait to find out!

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Awesome. Exactly what I need. Looking forward to it!