Is there a way for an admin to change stuff, like links, backgrounds, etc, while using my app?

I’m creating an app aimed at school use, and I need a way for a teacher to have their own separate page, and to be able to use that page to change certain things within the app, like backgrounds, links used in buttons and stuff like that.

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Welcome to Thunkable.

You need to store all the information that you want to control in a kind of table such as Firebase or Google sheet or Airtable.

Build screen(s) for the teachers (admins) to change the values of these tables.

When your app starts, it should use a kind of welcome screen or splash screen to use the time to read the values from the database and update the screens as necessary.


I’m already using FIrebase for the sign in information, is there a way to use Firebase’s user cloud storage for the admins to upload the images for the students to access. The usage I’m aiming for is for marching bands. I need a way for the director to be able to link the files he needs to share with the musicians, only his musicians. This way if multiple bands are using the app, they can only see what their band director puts in the app and not other band’s info.

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Use the same suggestion I posted earlier but note one thing.

Firebase has multitude of services but Thunkable directly accessing two services only

  • Sign In
  • Realtime DB

Firebase has storage which you can upload files and images but you will have to do it with your own (Thunkable does not provide access to Firebase storage). So you will need to upload the images to Cloudinary and save the URL to the image in the Realtime DB.

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Thank you. I am a student learning coding and app building, so if you could provide anymore insight into how this would work it would be much appreciated. for example, would the teachers be able to upload directly to their own cloudinary profile, and put that in the app for their students? or would the students have to be able to access the cloudinary database?

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