Users change photos linked in buttons and backgrounds

Hi, I’m very new to Thunkable and I’m trying to create an app aimed at education, marching bands specifically. I need a way to allow an admin to change the photos that are linked in various buttons on other pages. I have already made it so admins have a page only they can access. And I have it designed so that all students and admins use the same sign in info, so that it makes it so if the admin changes something, everyone in the band can see it, but nobody else. so now all I need is a way for the admin to change the photos linked in the various buttons on other pages from the admin page. If any help could be given it would be much appreciated.


You need the images / components in the page use the URL or the photo or the asset name and you also need to create a cloud table such as Google sheet or Airtable and save the URL(s) of the photos in that table. Last thing you need is that in the app start or screen open to read from the table and assign the URL(s) to the correct images or components in the screen.

Is a cloud table necessary for doing this, or is there no way for a user to add their own data straight into their app without the use of a cloud storage system? Because I can’t have preset data in the app, that isn’t how it is going to work, the user needs to put their own data into the app, and only their account on the app.

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No, you don’t need cloud table. You can use local table or even stored variables to save the info and images.

I created an E-Signature feature in one of my apps and used cloud variable to save the user’s signature in the phone.

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Ok thank you. How might I utilize these things? As I said, I’m brand new to coding. and once I have done them, how do I make it available for a user to upload their own images into the app?

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Try this from your phone.

This is a very simple example. If the photo is not already selected then it will show the gallery to select a photo. Otherwise, it will display the saved photo.

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