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I am a teacher that has been in education for over 20+ years but now am in charge of the STEAM lab at our school. My students are very new to coding and are competing in the congressional app challenge for the 21-22 school year. They are currently creating an app for the band and half time shows. What they are having trouble with is creating an admin login that would allow that person to update the app without having to change code to do so. They just want to be able to have an upload button and then browse for the proper file. We are all very new to coding. Thanks in advance for your help.

Congrats on your new position! I took a similar path, starting as a computer teacher / IT support and moving to facilitate a makerspace for K-8 students.

What you’re asking can be very complicated depending on what you need to update. Your data source for that updated information could be several things including a Google Sheet, Airtable, or Firebase. Maybe you can explain a little more about what you mean by having an admin login and update info. What would be an example of a change the admin might need to make?

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We are looking to make and app that other bands could use. Since each band would have their own drills and videos. We want it where the admin can login and then then can edit the page content (drills) per section. maybe and upload button where you then browse your computer to upload the proper files you need for each page (section). If this does not make sense you could call me and I could try to explain in more detail. 616 902-2830.

That makes more sense. I don’t advise putting your phone number on a public forum. You can always send it in a private message.

If each band has their own content and only that content appears in the app, you don’t need an admin login (necessarily). If, however, multiple bands will see each other’s content then you would need a more secure system for them to change the content only for their band.

I don’t have a lot of experience with sign ins using Thunkable but it’s not too hard to get started using a video tutorial or the documentation.

If you get stuck or have questions, just post more details here. Screenshots of your blocks are crucial.

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