Is the new UI bigger than the legacy UI?

1 more question that Is the new UI design very big in size?? Because it hangs my laptop when I open UI design.

Hi @unknownthunker - sorry for the delay getting back to you.

Is your browser still crashing? This isn’t something were seeing reported by other users - wondering what browser you’re using?


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I see the delay when using the new UI. Actually, there is an irritating delay when I use the edge browser. Apparently, Chrome is a better choice for using the new UI.

The main browsers that we support are Chrome, Safari and Firefox.

Which part, specifically, had a delay for you @cihan? We’re working on performance improvements right now and would appreciate your feedback.


I mostly meet while selecting any object on the screen UI. Also, when choosing the object, it takes too much time to get the properties of it.
You can benchmark with Adalo to improve your UI design modules.

ui is laggy on firefox

thunkable wins