[Solved] Which browser is recommended for the new UI?

What Browser we should recommend To use the new UI?

well i use chrome and it works absolutely fine

but as you know there are some bugs with thunkable itself so they are problem

I also was using chrome but it was hanging my laptop then I switched to Microsoft Edge it works fine but some how restarts my laptop without telling me

This is by @domhnallohanlon


It works on edge also

it may work but as @domhnallohanlon said it mostly works with Chrome, Safari, Firefox

They also used to support Internet Explorer also But as microsoft has closed the browser so they now dont support

so is your question Solved?

What browser we should use for working on new UI ?? Please tell :frowning:

Hey @unknownthunker - we’re trying to keep all the new questions about the new UI on-topic (and tagging them all with #draganddrop) to better address Community feedback.

Moving your question here since it wasn’t related to the original topic.


@domhnallohanlon he dint made the topic
so im replyingg here

best is chrome its fast