Drag N Drop UI issue

Hey Thunkers!

Drag And Drop was a much awaited feature, and would have been great but for a number of bugs I am facing when I use it:

That new UI is incredibly slow, even with perfect Internet. The keyboard is working good. I can verify that fact because I am able to type quickly when writing this. I am unable to click on a component to go to its properties. Changes are not reflecting when I change the text of a component (especially label). They are not changing in both the editor input and the label on the screen. It takes ages to open the drawers of any component, and also to add any component. It is incredibly laggy.
One of the worst things is that and app which was working well on Web Preview is not working on Live Test (device). I did not experience that ever with apps made using the old UI. Using blocks, I set the visibility of a bunch of buttons to false inside an event block. They are remaining hidden during Web Preview, but in live test, they are visible, and in a totally different position from where I placed them.

I haven’t been using the D&D for those reasons, and am sticking with the Legacy UI.
Any ideas for workarounds or solutions?


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