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The “Drag and Drop Feature Testing” thread hasn’t had a new comment in three weeks. It’s pretty quiet… are people still using the Drag and Drop features? I build my first major Thunkable app with it and it’s been good but there are some definite features needed and some bugs to work out:

Switch components do not have x,y properties and cannot easily be dragged since they tend to be small. The drag and drop designer really needs a nudge feature (press arrow key to move component 1 pixel).

Many components are missing basic properties like x,y or visible/hidden. There’s no consistency that I can figure out. If a component can be placed on the screen, I should be able to toggle visible/hidden and other properties. I’m hoping these just need to be added since the Drag & Drop beta is a bit sparse.

Updating components is slow. If I resize or drag a component to change it in the designer window, it takes about two seconds to refresh. Most of the time, I have to click on a component and wait a few seconds for it to be selected before I can make changes to it. It takes me about five minutes just to resize a button and position it properly (I usually just resort to typing in values in the x,y properties until I get it right because dragging is so slow). Ideally, this process would only take a few seconds as it does in other drag & drop development environments.

There should be a way to change layers (send to back, bring forward, etc.) from within the design screen rather than only in the list of components.

I can’t upload an image to a button component. I posted the error message in the “Drag and Drop Feature Testing” thread. Assigning a url to an image component doesn’t change the viewable image on the screen when designing it. It’s just blank.

And this is just a more general question: what is the resolution of the screen? I’m designing for iPhone primarily (iPhone 11) and I’m finding the screen size in Thunkable to be a bit tricky to work with. It’s something like 250x410???

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