Is my application able to advertise?

This is an app that I made myself. If it is not good, please do not be despised :blush: :blush:. This app is for my students, as a math exercise app (add).
Can this app be advertising?
If yes, where can I place the ads, and what type of ads can I use?

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You should publish some screenshots here!

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here are some screenshots

May be other thunkers can tell you that if it is for your students, why put ads…

But you can put ads at the bottom of your app (exemple : admob banner) or use interstitial ads when a quiz is finish

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can i use admob banner and interstitial ads at the same aplication ?

I think you can…
but won’t it be to much ? Is Your app going to be readable or after 2 min playing and 30 ads will players will still play?

You have to test and see what you prefer!

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