Admob interstitial limit

Hey @domhnallohanlon
I was just about to purchase the PRO membership for X but before that I thought to get one major doubt cleared by you.
I am making an app with educational purpose!
It’s NOT an “Earning app”. It will be a education app.
So I am using admob ads on it. I read all your docs regarding admob ads and have a doubt I wanted you to clear please.
I read that only 1 interstitial per app. Please tell me what does that mean. As I have multiple(8) screens in my app, I want to integrate at least 3 interstitial ads in my app. All the ads will be integrated following admob policies. And I’ll insert the interstitial ads in a way that it never irritates the user. As I am investing my time and money in this, I never want a user to uninstall my app.
So please tell me that can I insert more than one interstitial ads in my app? I assure you of showing a single ad on a single screen.
Waiting for your reply
Thank you

I believe that @domhnallohanlon is to much busy with to many things regarding Thunkable X
Therefore, i want to answer this question

You can add 1 admob interstitial ads component
But this component is invisible, so you can call it in multiple screens.
Same component but you can use the block multiple times.

Also, you can use multiple Ad IDs for the same component


You only need one interstitial. You just rig your logic such that it is invoked more than once. Admob takes care of making the ad itself change between calls.