[Solved] Admob question help!

in this example its set to 3 but its for trial purpose i want it to show ad after every 30 questions and i have 200+ how can i make it show ad after every 30 questions instead of adding seperatly e.g = 30 =60 and so on that will take so much time and effort

You can call upon an add, but to get it published it is reviewed by Thunkable staff, and they may not allow it if it does this.

Also showing ads does not earn you money. Only when a user clicks on the ad you can get 10-20 cent. Only if they click on it.

yes but still i want it to show after every 30 questions can you please make block and show me thanks!!

I don’t think that what you want to do is possible.

This may not be exactly what you are doing, but i would be certain Thunkable wouldn’t allow this. How about a simple banner ad at the bottom?

what do you do if you get rejected by thunkable will you never be able to submit that app again? im gonna submit tomorrow or day after and im very nervous

No, you just can’t have it downloaded. But if your app is a test for your students, personally i wouldn’t recommend ads :stuck_out_tongue:

what does that even mean load banner ad in background? its a video ad you wait 30 sec press exit and move on no background

i think this answers the question best:

That is the Google Admob guidelines, not Thunkables. So this is against their rules, so if you do this and Thunkable allow your app to be published, you could risk getting into difficulties with your account and Google.

any idea how i can make them opt to see ?

Why can you not just have a banner at the bottom?

because they dont pay enough if video ads give 30 cents banner ad gives 2 cent btw i do have more features like 360 diagrams of airplanes is it possible if i make an alert when they tapit and alert gives two options watch ad and get access or dont watch ad will that work? because they are opting for it and ps i went with banner ads for question section

can i do show intestial ads after every 30 questions that does not have a requirement does it ?

You can read if this is possible here and see Google’s Policy here.

Interstitial ads are designed to be placed between content, so they are best placed at natural app transition points. thats from google so i guess my plan works correct?


Apologies, I thought you were using reward ads. If that document says yes then I would take it from that.

yay thanks !

but can you find me a way to do ‘every 30 questions’ :frowning:

what am i doing wrong?Screenshot%20(88)


yes but i cant add text to confirm or not confirm its in my other question i posted with picture please check it out